Terms and conditions
    This document (Rules and Regulations) regulates the use of the L2Emi & Lineage2.com.pl Server (Server) and L2emi.eu Website and Forum (Website) by its players and users, respectively (Player).

    General provisions:
    1. The Server Administration (Administration) shall allow Players to use the Server and Website free of charge, with the exception of the premium services available to Players via their account management panel on the Website (Premium Services).
    2. The Player accepts the Rules and Regulations by creating the Website account.
    3. By accepting the Rules and Regulations, the Player declares that:
    3.1. The Player has read the Rules and Regulations, accepts its conditions and shall comply with them,
    3.2. The Player is legally capable of binding himself by the Rules and Regulations,
    3.3. The Player is at least 16 years old,
    3.4. The Player allows the Administration to process the Player’s provided data, in particular the Player’s account name and e-mail address, even if it constitutes the Player’s personal data, for purposes associated with the use of the Server and Player’s gameplay. The Administration shall occasionally send other e-mail information related to the Server.
    4. The Player shall use the Server and the Website for personal, non-commercial purposes, and for Player’s own risk.
    5. The Player undertakes not to engage in any of the following activities:
    5.1. change or create any derivative products on the basis of the Lineage 2 Game (Game) or any of its elements (including audiovisual sequence and source code), including translation or localization;
    5.2. copy the Game and its elements, except for the cases explicitly provided for by these Rules and Regulations;
    5.3. divide the Game or its elements into components;
    5.4. disclose the technology, decompile, disassemble or by any other means try to obtain the source code of the Game, make any changes to the source code, modify the functionality of the Game;
    5.5. distribute, complicate, sell, sublicense, lease or rent, mortgage, commercially benefit from its use or dispose thereof (including without any commercial benefit) by any other means not specified by the Rules and Regulations;
    5.6. remove any signs or information, including copyright signs, individualization means, technical protection tools;
    5.7. copy, distribute, broadcast, publish or otherwise use the information or results of the Administration’s intellectual activity posted on the Server Website, without the explicit permission of the Administration;
    5.8. use software errors (and must promptly report them to the Administration), interfere with the program code, gain unauthorized access to the computer system, access, without the proper permission of the Administration, access to the database of users of the game or materials;
    5.9. create additional Game elements, both not provided, and provided by its object code and script;
    5.10. transfer rights or obligations under this agreement, incl. transfer to third parties the right (opportunity) to use the account of the User;
    5.11. take any actions aimed at damaging or obtaining unauthorized opportunities (access) to the Server or the Website.
    6. The Player may share their Server account to third parties on the Player’s own risk and cost. The Player is obliged to ensure that the third user of the Player’s account complies with provisions of the Rules and Regulation and shall be held responsible for their misconducts.
    7. Any lost, dropped or stolen in-game items shall not be restored by the Administration. Nevertheless, in case of reasonable suspicion of theft, The Player may acquire information who owns the specific item at the moment.

    Accountability of the Administration
    8. The Administration undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the acquired Player’s account name, passwords, e-mail address and Premium Services’ payment-related information.
    9. The Administration shall make their best efforts to provide the uninterrupted and reliable gameplay and to assure Server’s and Website’s compliance with Players’ requirements, but cannot guarantee and shall be not liable for the non-achievement of the abovementioned performances.
    10. Administration is not liable for indirect losses or other costs that the User may incur due to the use of information provided by third parties, any temporary malfunctioning and functionality interruptions of the Server or the Website, for any temporary malfunctioning and interruptions in the operation of communication lines, other similar malfunctioning, as well as for any malfunctioning of the PC, from which the Player accesses the Server.
    11. The Administration is exempted from liability for full or partial default of obligations, if such non-fulfillment is caused by force majeure, that is extraordinary and unavoidable by the Administration under the given circumstances. Such circumstances include riots, decisions of public authorities, natural disasters, fires, disasters, power outages, global disruptions in the work of Polish and international segments of the Internet, failures of routing systems, failures in the distributed system of domain names, failures caused by hacker and DDOS attacks.
    12. The Rules and Regulations may be changed or amended by the Administration without any prior notice at any time within its validity period. The edited version of the agreement shall be available to the Player on the Server Website. By continuing to use the Server and the Website after the changes were made to the Rules and Regulations, the Player confirms his or her approval for the new version of this document.

    Dos and don’ts
    13. The Administration and Game Masters are entitled to punish Players for their misconduct carried out during the gameplay in cases and using methods indicated below.
    14. The punishment methods include:
    14.1. Deleting items in possession of a certain Game character (Item Deletion);
    14.2. Temporary chat block (Chat Block);
    14.3. Temporary imprisonment of the Player’s character (Temporary Imprisonment);
    14.4. Permanent imprisonment of the Player’s character (with the option to un-jail it using the Premium Services; Permanent Imprisonment);
    14.5. Account Ban;
    14.6. HWID Ban.
    15. The following misconducts shall be punished by the Chat Block:
    15.1. Disrespectful attitude towards other Players or the Administration (up to 6 hours),
    15.2. Counter-advertising other Game servers (24 hours),
    15.3. Discussing methods of exploiting, bugging the Game or botting (24 hours),
    15.4. Sending repeated text messages using third-party software (48 hours),
    15.5. Any abovementioned abuse in Hero chat (48 hours).
    16. The following misconducts shall be punished by the Temporary Imprisonment:
    16.1. Starting an in-game shop right next to an important or often-accessed NPC, or to block pathways leading to them (3 hours),
    16.2. Entering an event zone, unless while invited by the event organizer or the entrance is free (8 hours).
    17. The following misconducts shall be punished by the Permanent Imprisonment:
    17.1. Using a program that allows for automated gameplay, such as a bot (along with Item Deletion),
    17.2. Active exploitation of broken or unintended game mechanics (i.e. bugs, glitches),
    17.3. Sharing information about an exploit with anyone except the Administration or Game Masters,
    17.4. Indecent or offensive names of characters, pets, etc. (in addition, the name will be changed).
    18. The following misconducts shall be punished by the Account Ban:
    18.1. Severely disrespectful attitude towards other Players or the Administration,
    18.2. Proven theft or scam,
    18.3. Any single misconduct resulting in being punished by the Permanent Imprisonment for the third time.
    19. The following misconducts shall be punished by the HWID Ban:
    19.1. Impersonating an Administration member or a Gama Master in any way,
    19.2. Any single misconduct resulting in being punished by the Account Ban for the third time.

    Premium Services
    20. The Premium Services available at the given moment, together with their prices, are indicated within the Player’s account management panel on the Website.
    21. All payments for the Premium Services should be carried out via the Website and associated payment services (i.e. PayPal).
    22. While using the Premium Services, the Player is solely responsible for ensuring that the payment information is correct and that the Player uses the actual Website.
    23. The Player shall use only legal methods to pay for the Premium Services, which do not breach the laws of the country, in the jurisdiction of which the Player is located. The Player guarantees Player’s right to use payment funds used by him or her to pay for the Premium Services. Administration shall not be liable for any possible damage to any third parties or other Players caused as a result of the use by the User of any funds not owned by the Player.
    24. The already bought Premium Services, including coins, shall not be refunded.